Research supports self-care. For busy women this is a necessity, it improves our health and allows us to bring our best self to our purpose.

For all women interested in learning skills and tools to establish or enrich self care practices for better health and peace of mind.

Image of Autumn Louise giving a self care presentation to women.This self care program addresses limiting beliefs about self care and utilizes self care as a foundation to prevent stress and improve well-being. Classes are taught through a visual, verbal, kinesthetic and interactive experience and address common challenges such as boundary setting, overwork, giving too much, finding time for self care & more. Self Care classes, circles and coaching are all designed to help you integrate and maintain self care practices in your busy life.

Learning and practicing self care is actually a
living and breathing exploration process, and very much about letting go and accepting ourselves for who we are and what we need to thrive.

Topics Include

Adopting a new perspective
Self compassion
Giving permissions
Healthy boundaries
Stress reduction & prevention
Nourishing vs.depleting inputs
Higher power and mindfulness
Passion and purpose
Time and prioritizing

Image of a cup with stylized writing inside stating

    • Learn practical and integrative skills you can reuse
    • Create a plan for your specific challenges and needs
    • Come home with tools and resources to succeed, including how to recenter yourself in stressful moments

Image of a self care craft to practice breath awareness.

Enjoy More

Improved health
Energy and vitality
Peace of mind

Join the Self Care for Women movement and
get empowered to take better care of you!

Self Care for Women Meetup

Loving Hearts Event

Self Care Collage

Participants Say

“Autumn made me feel so welcome and comfortable in my own skin. She allowed me to be myself and offered me so many tools as well as sharing her wisdom.”
~ H.M.

“This was the second women’s self care event of Autumn’s I have been to, and each one has been full of helpful resources and tips to educate on self care techniques and practices… I left feeling very grounded, calm, and clear. I’d recommend Autumn’s Meetup to others looking to connect with like-minded women in the community, and anyone curious about self care and wellness!”
~ A.T.

Self Care events are open to all persons who identify as women and are specific to women to create a feeling of safety.  All Self Care education and topics are available to men via coaching sessions, events for men are  available upon request.

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