A health coach partners with individuals and groups to provide lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition education while providing encouragement, motivation and accountability to support you in achieving your wellness goals and any health plans recommended by your doctor.

Autumn will teach you hands-on, practical skills that are tailored to both your level of health and experience. Both in person and online coaching services are available. Autumn is a certified health coach offering coaching sessions in person at her Portland, Oregon office and also offers online health & wellness coaching.

You Will Learn Skills To:

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  • Eat healthy on a budget
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support immune function
  • Increase mindfulness
  • Reduce your waist size
  • Get on a path of prevention
  • Activate your healing system
  • Integrate a healthy lifestyle
  • Reduce stress
  • Implement a special diet
  • Increase your level of success
  • Much More…

Custom Health Coaching Services in Portland

Pantry Makeover

  • Learn the basics of making healthy food choices in your kitchen
  • Understanding label reading basics
  • Discerning healthful vs harmful ingredients
  • Includes supplies to get you started in your pantry and tools to integrate into your shopping

Smart Shopping

  • Learn practical skills in your favorite grocery store
  • Tips for discerning healthier versions of your staples and favorite foods
  • Practice choosing healthy products quickly & easily
  • Tips for staying on budget

Meal Planning

  • How to plan your weekly meals for healthier eating
  • How to integrate your plan into action
  • Tips for revamping your favorite recipes
  • Resources and healthy recipes to get you started

Exercise Basics

  • The basics of exercise and the 3 types you need
  • Determining your goals and how to meet them
  • Tips for improving your skill level
  • How to make an effective plan and follow-through

Positive Mindover

  • Resources and tips for stress-reduction
  • Understanding the significance of laughter and tips for enjoying more of it
  • The basics of meditation and how to integrate mindfulness into your busy schedule
  • Tips for integrating positive thinking
  • Tools for resetting yourself during difficult times

Healthy Living Education Programs

  • At your facility or online
  • Can include but are not limited to the above topics
  • Custom tailored to your organization and participants’ needs

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Custom Coaching Gift Certificates Available

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