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Learn about blindness in general and the public’s role in following safety guidelines for blind pedestrians. Produced by The Pedestrian Safety Action Coalition

Blind Pedestrian Awareness Video


Your donations support operating costs to provide and update this comprehensive resource guide. Profits are donated to the Portland Central Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind and the Metro PDX Chapter of the American Council of the Blind to the degree that members have and continue to contribute to this guide. Thank you for your support!


This guide is free and accessible to all. You can read this guide online or download the Accessible PDF.



You can send additions and corrections through the contact form link below. In the subject field menu select Accessibility, then submit your form.

Special thanks to Access Guide contributors:

Autumn Louise Schaefer, Craig Cooper, Lisa Ferris, Nik Petersson and Sean Carlson, Portland Central Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind; Teresa Christian and Mary Lee Turner, Metro PDX chapter of the American Council of the Blind; Mary Holmes, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes; and Orion Lumiere, Portland Oregon Commission for the Blind.

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This resource guide was developed during COVID-19 for the blind and low vision community in the Portland, Oregon area. Though this is not a complete rendering of all available resources, it is a wide collection. This guide will be updated monthly. You can find links to download, share, donate and comment in the left column or at the bottom of this page. Please share this guide, it is for everyone. Updated August 5, 2020



This guide contains a wealth of information, it is recommended to utilize the table of content links to go to the category you want to read or to scroll through categories rather than reading this entire guide at once. To scroll through categories or return to the table of contents: screen readers can use ‘heading navigation’ and visual readers can use keyboard commands for your system, or the ‘page up’ and ‘page down’ keys for faster scrolling. There are also clickable “return to Table of Contents” links at the end of each category for your convenience. In addition, this page has an accessibility toolbar located near the top left that looks like a small circle with a man inside. It can be moved around and it expands to include additional options for reading the page.


It is recommended to use these websites on a computer where they may be screen reader friendly or compatible with various forms of magnification. Some websites may prompt you to download the app, which may not be as accessible. This is most often not necessary. If you are accessing a site from a device, keep in mind even though you are using a website link and not an app, these will often automatically load in the mobile version, which can be less accessible. You can try selecting the browser menu to choose “desktop version” and see if that helps, if not, use a computer instead. For some links, you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser. For certain websites, a screen reader might not work with a browser. If this happens, try using the Google Chrome browser instead. Please report inaccessible websites by email to: [email protected]

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Food assistance – to apply for SNAP, find food banks & free school meals. For screen readers, use Chrome browser to access: https://www.oregonfoodbank.org/find-help/find-food/  or call Portland SNAP line: 503-945-5600

Aging & disability resource connection – for help with food stamps, caregiving, & medical insurance: call M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm 503-988-3646

Online shopping with EBT – now you can shop for groceries online with your SNAP EBT card accepted by Walmart & Amazon (see Grocery Delivery in TOC for those order links). For best results use a computer when setting up your card and making an order, some have reported it does not work with a device. Walmart has an option to add card at check out and on both Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh, you must first set up your EBT card online here: www.Amazon.com/SNAP

Grocery shopping guidelines & cleaning groceries:

Food, essentials & medication delivery – for disabled and/ or high-risk in Portland from the Catalyst Care Network, fill out request form here: http://form.jotform.com/200877320431145

Request a food box – fill out the form here: https://airtable.com/shrZQpcnx4Et3MGCh

Emergency food delivery – Sunshine Division with Portland Police will do “no-contact” food box deliveries M-F for homebound residents in Portland or Gresham. Register here: https://sunshine-division.cyrkusevents.com

Food & essentials help via text – Alongsider’s Church can deliver food, supplies & more. To get help, text the word: CARE to 503-232-5155 you will receive an automated text with a link, click the link then fill out the form and submit it, and they will call you.

Local Covid-19 assistance resources – to find updated resources in your area, including shelters, food banks, hotlines, rent & utility assistance, free lunches for kids, childcare and more
Online resource finder: www.211info.org
By phone – from a cell: 211 or from a landline: 503-222-5555
By text – text your zip code to: 898211
By email: [email protected]

More local resources page:

Rent payment delay guidelines: https://beta.portland.gov/phb/rental-services/multnomah-county-city-portland-covid-19-eviction-moratorium-faq

Utilities – many companies are delaying shut off and waiving late fees. Contact your company to find out more. Get utility assistance by calling 211 or St. Vincent De Paul at 503-235-8431

Internet – Xfinity/ Comcast: Internet Essentials is free to new customers for 60 days, this reduced price internet service is available to all qualified low-income households for $9.95/month. To apply: https://apply.internetessentials.com/ or call 1-855-846-8376
To learn about other options with Comcast:
https://wifi.xfinity.com/ Disability phone line: 855-270-0379

Sighted assistance – Be My Eyes: https://www.bemyeyes.com/

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When trying a new site first enter your zip code to confirm they will deliver to you, then note the date delivery is available before going through the process of putting together an order. Currently, grocers have more fresh produce options and quicker delivery than Amazon. For best service and availability schedule deliveries in the morning if possible. Delivery services such as Insta Cart and Postmates deliver for various stores and you choose the store through their site. Both of those delivery services and Amazon Fresh often have same day delivery for a small delivery fee. Some sites have a small service fee and waive delivery fees for larger orders. To watch your budget using direct store delivery like Fred Meyer, for example, has options to clip coupons and even shop in a sale category. Sign up for the store’s free club or rewards card ahead of time if you don’t have one, these usually give you more savings when you check out and often will give you digital coupons. Be sure to be signed in to your club or rewards card before starting your order. Sometimes delivery fees vary depending on how quickly you want the items, so planning ahead gives you more savings. You can share expenses with a friend or neighbor by ordering together or arranging pick-up.

TriMet Lift grocery delivery – this service is for current TriMet LIFT customers only. You must pre-order food then order pick-up for next day or later with Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertson’s, Walmart, Insta Cart, Food Banks or Food Pantries. For more info: https://trimet.org/lift/delivery.htm or call 503-962-8000

Radio Cab delivery – this service is for grocery, pharmacy and restaurants delivery. Items must be paid for and ready for pick up, costs $3.50 + $2.60 per mile. To order pick up, call 503-227-1212

Call In grocery delivery – GoGo Gourmet: https://www.gogogourmet.com/

Insta Cart – many stores, same day delivery available: https://www.instacart.com/

Postmates – grocery, restaurant, alcohol & more: https://postmates.com/

Amazon Fresh: https://www.amazon.com/alm/storefront?almBrandId=QW1hem9uIEZyZXNo

Amazon Pantry: https://www.amazon.com/psx/info/?_encoding=UTF8&ref_=sv_PNTRY_OS_STF_WAY_4

Amazon Prime Now – Amazon & Whole Foods: https://primenow.amazon.com

Fred Meyer: https://www.fredmeyer.com

Walmart: https://grocery.walmart.com/locations/delivery/

Safeway: https://www.safeway.com

Costco: https://www.costco.com/my-life-costco-grocery-online-delivery.html

Albertsons: https://www.albertsons.com

Target: https://www.shipt.com/target

QFC: https://www.qfc.com/i/ways-to-shop/delivery

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For more budget-friendly options for restaurant deliveries, use filters or browse by category. For example, on Caviar, you can browse by “free delivery” and sometimes you can filter by the amount of dollar signs (more dollar signs mean a higher price). There is the option to Google search “restaurants near me that deliver.” Some of these restaurants, like Chinese or pizza, will have their own delivery but most of them use delivery services now.

My Fit Foods – they make meals at good cost and deliver for free. Use code DELIVER for a 20% discount: https://www.myfitfoods.com/

Postmates: https://postmates.com/

Grub Hub: https://www.grubhub.com/

Caviar: https://www.trycaviar.com

Uber Eats: https://www.ubereats.com/

DoorDash: https://www.doordash.com

Radio Cab – restaurant delivery. Food must be paid for & ready for pick up, costs $3.50 + $2.60 per mile. To order pick up call 503-227-1212

Call In meal delivery – GoGo Gourmet: https://www.gogogourmet.com/

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When going out in public, be sure to identify yourself as a blind person with your cane or guide dog. Be verbal in claiming your space when people are near. You can be friendly yet firmly let them know you can’t see them and they need to maintain the distance. To increase your safety, find out when your store offers priority hours (for seniors, high-risk & disabled) or try to arrive when the store opens. Keeping distance will be much easier when stores are not crowded. Be sure to always wear gloves and a face covering.

Running essential errands – CDC guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/essential-goods-services.html?utm_campaign=20200430_cvd_prv_gal&utm_content=english&utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

Tips for social distancing while blind – The Lighthouse Guild: https://www.lighthouseguild.org/newsroom/how-people-who-are-blind-or-have-low-vision-can-safely-practice-social-distancing-during-covid-19/

Coronavirus & blindness: https://visionaware.org/blog/visionaware-blog/coronavirus-and-blindness-how-to-prepare-and-take-care/

Guide Dogs and the coronavirus:

Oregon Covid-19 guidance: The Public

Face covering instructions – CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html

Make a face mask at home: https://sports.yahoo.com/four-easy-ways-no-sew-212255257.html

Reusable masks for blind/ low vision – handmade by Mitsy Kit $3 + shipping while supplies last. Call to order: 978-419-1824

Request protective supplies here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/civic/article/759335?fbclid=IwAR0wl-vgFk2phrQe-1EFK9ol6tqpS7xaNN-rGAeds7PWQwM6CNqxylRGw6U

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TriMet & TriMet LIFT – service updates: https://trimet.org/health/
Reduced faire info: qualify and apply online
(also see TriMet LIFT under Grocery Delivery section)

Rideshare call in service – GoGo Grandparent offers 24 hour call in service to use Lyft or Uber without an app. A small fee is added to regular ride price. Sign up: https://gogograndparent.com/register
or call 855-464-6872

Lyft ride share credit – $25 off code for essential rides, available only to current members of the National Federation of the Blind. Contact Oregon NFB president or your chapter (see Blind Community Resources)

Get There Oregon – this is a trip planning tool that connects people to transportation options including carpool matching, transit and more: https://getthereoregon.org/

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Accessible Covid-19 statistics tracker – for screen reader users. This may not be compatible with Zoom Text or Fusion: https://cvstats.net/
Text table with sort capability, click on column heading to sort by. 2nd click to reverse order: https://www.blindbargains.com/bargains.php?m=21613

Your Covid-19 questions answered – KGW8: https://www.kgw.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-covid-19-questions/283-57d7ff56-1bb6-4040-851f-7dd2aca47c51

Oregon reopening updates: https://govstatus.egov.com/or-covid-19

Cleaning up germs without vision – insight4blind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfBcWTY_-co

Emergency prepared supplies: https://www.ready.gov/kit PDF: Emergency Supply List – Ready.gov

The Liturgist podcast – Covid-19 the science, how to help, & handling stress: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/covid-19-the-science-how-to-help-and-handling-the-stress/id903433534?i=1000468847297

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Tele Health/ Tele Medicine – due to the Coronavirus, some insurances will temporarily cover phone and video appointments for health care and mental health appointments. This may be extended for high-risk patients. Call your medical provider directly to schedule.

Accessible tool for checking risk factors: https://c19check.com/start

What to do if you’re sick: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html?utm_campaign=20200408_gmd_prv_gal&utm_content=english&utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

Avoiding disability-based discrimination in treatment rationing: https://www.centerforpublicrep.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Guidance-to-States-Hospitals_FINAL.pdf

Mental Health crisis line:
Multnomah County 503-988-4888
Washington County 503 -291-9111

Hotline finder – request phone numbers for help with substance abuse, suicide, domestic or child abuse, LGBTQ, youth & more by calling: 211 or 503-222-5555

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Because of the way the Covid-19 virus affects blood and oxygen in the body, many health professionals are highlighting the importance of hydration and exercise to reduce risks.

Naturopathic recommendations to prevent Covid-19: Download PDF

Stress & taking care of emotional health – CDC: https://emergency.cdc.gov/coping/selfcare.asp

Free guided meditations – Headspace: https://www.headspace.com/covid-19

Brain breaks & mindful activities: https://mindup.org.uk/mindup-activities/

Healthy living resources – meditations, tools for self-care, relationships, recovery, and more: https://AutumnLouiseSchaefer.com/resources

Healthy living head to toe – Portland Sunday Parkways

Staying healthy during Covid-19 – Healthy Living Journal:

Wednesday Wellness Events – American Council of the Blind
7:00 am – Healthy Living Accountability Check-in for those who want to support one another through their eating, exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices.
6:00 pm – Meditation Celebration followed by Midweek Serenity.
Anyone is welcome to join any of our events. Subscribe to the Community Events email list to get the daily schedule and Zoom links: http://acblists.org/mailman/listinfo/acb-community-events or email Cindy for assistance: [email protected]


Online church finder, varied denominations: https://www.guideposts.org/better-living/life-advice/managing-life-changes/online-church-services-to-watch-at-home

Local live church service & community – Alongsider’s Church
Online service is at 10:00am on Sundays via the website, and you can access closed captions on Facebook live through your Facebook settings. Also, see calendar for more online events: www.alongsiderschurch.org

Inner Work community blog – on humanity and encountering God: https://www.innerworkcommunity.com/blog-1

Say Yes: a liturgy of not giving up on yourself:

Good newsletter: Free weekly email filled with life changing good news: https://www.goodgoodgood.co/goodnewsletter

Sounds Good podcast – conversations with optimists and world-changers who use their influence for good: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sounds-good-with-branden-harvey/id1080864041

(you can also find positive news in News category)

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Health professionals are recommending daily movement to reduce risks. This can be simple like taking the stairs, walking, jumping jacks, etc. For your safety, be sure to clear ample space, remember to stretch, and stay hydrated. When following a guided exercise, always pay attention to your own body’s needs and limitations.

Eyes free fitness – Blind Alive
You Tube channel workouts:
Download mp3 and text versions: www.blindalive.com

Audio described exercises & chat – Hadley
Get up and go Zoom chat – Hadley: https://hadley.edu/discussions/GetUpAndGo.asp

Accessible workouts – local Northwest Association for Blind Athletes
At home workouts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01Sf2HRrRzU&t=94s
Video library: https://nwaba.org/sports-programs/video-resource-library-1/
PE exercise worksheets: https://nwaba.org/programs/sports-adaptations/
30 day exercise challenge: https://www.youtube.com/user/nwaba1

Virtual workout programs for NWABA registered athletes. Before attending a virtual program, you must be registered with Northwest Association of Blind Athletes: register  For registration assistance email: [email protected]  Once registered, email the programs staff associated with the day you are interested in attending to get the workout details:
Mondays 12:00 pm – Low Impact with JoJo – [email protected]
Tuesdays 9:00 am – High Impact with Tara – [email protected]
Wednesdays 7:00 am – Low Impact with Megan – [email protected]
Thursdays 6:00 pm – High Impact with Mary – [email protected]

Aaptiv audio appwww.aaptiv.com

Down Dog app – accessible workouts: https://www.downdogapp.com/

Virtual Walk Across the USA exercise group – with Oral Hull Foundation. Join others in tracking your daily activity mileage (20 minutes = 1 mile), they tally up everyone’s miles. So for the group has virtually ridden ostriches, whitewater rafted, visited wineries, backpacked through the Nez Perce Clearwater National Forrest and more. Call to join: 503-668-6195

National Blind Sports Week Sept 28 – Oct 3 – United States Association of Blind Athletes. A virtual experience focused on participation and awareness of sports and opportunities available to athletes who are blind and visually impaired. To participate, contact Cat Bouwkamp at [email protected] or (719) 866-3210
Visit the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2951811324925132
For more information: https://www.usaba.org/third-annual-national-blind-sports-day-expands-to-week-of-virtual-programming-in-2020/

Sports and Recreation Division – National Federation of the Blind
Living the lives we want can include fully participating in sports and recreation. This division supports, provides resources and advocates to make fitness equipment and activities more accessible: www.nfbsportsandrec.org
Join Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/176619816827189/?ref=share Join mailing list: www.nfbnet.org/mailman/listinfo/sportsandrec_nfbnet.org

Community Movement Events – American Council of the Blind
Mondays – Easy Chair Yoga
Wednesdays – Advance Yoga & Healthy Living Accountability Check-in
Thursdays – Resistance Workout
Saturdays – Varied Workouts (dance, kickboxing, weights, & more)
Anyone is welcome to join any of our events. Subscribe to the Community Events email list to get the daily schedule and Zoom links: http://acblists.org/mailman/listinfo/acb-community-events or email Cindy for assistance: [email protected]

Self Defense & Stamina Classes – Oregon Commission for the Blind
Available for current and previous clients of  OCB
Stamina Classes currently meet  on Zoom
Sightless Self Defense Jujitsu Thursdays to meet online soon
Call for details: 971-673-1588

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Free downloads of Braille and Word digital books – through August 31th by National Braille Press:
Dinner Delivered: Accessible and Easy Ways to Receive Meals Direct to
Your Door by Kim Loftis and Chris Grabowski: https://www.nbp.org/ic/nbp/DELIVERY.html
Getting Visual Assistance with an iPhone by Judith Dixon:
Navigating Healthcare, When All They Can See Is that You Can’t by Deborah Kendrick: https://www.nbp.org/ic/nbp/NAV-HEALTH.html

Zoom accessibility features & documents:
Shortcut and Hot Keys: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205683899-Hot-Keys-and-Keyboard-Shortcuts-for-Zoom
Free audiobook Meet Me Accessibly – a guide to zoom cloud meetings from a blindness perspective: https://mosen.org/zoom/

Free Jaws, Zoom Text or Fusion – for students and home workers until June 30th from Freedom Scientific: https://portal.freedomscientific.com/SponsoredSoftware Customer Service: 727-803-8000

Aira for college students – app with live sighted support offering free service for distance learning, email: [email protected]  or call 1-800-835-1934

Homework help hotline – for blind/ low vision students. To request support, email [email protected] or call 732-835-6672

Free daily lessons for low vision students – Paths to Literacy:

Accessible support for students & families – for blind/ low vision students needing access to curriculum. Fill out a request form here: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8kUiESiL4PSmwU5

Audio music lesions: https://www.musicvi.com/

Google meetings – Google Meet:  https://apps.google.com/meet/
Meet accessibility features: https://support.google.com/meet/answer/7313544

Sighted assistance – Be My Eyes: https://www.bemyeyes.com/

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You can work with your child’s school to get accessible materials, they are required to work with ALL parents. Setting a regular routine builds stability and reduces stress for your family. Find teachable moments and incorporate learning into what they are doing day to day. You can relax and have fun with activities while spending time together. Integrate daily movement breaks with your children by running, jumping rope, jumping jacks, hopscotch, etc. Always remember to make time for yourself for your own peace of mind.

Accessible platforms – (not all teachers’ post accessible files)
Moodle: https://moodle.org/
Google classroom: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h
Quizlet flashcards & study tools: https://quizlet.com/
Tools for online learning when the classroom closes. Instructure Canvas: https://www.instructure.com/canvas/tools-for-online-learning-when-the-classroom-closes
Google Meet:  https://apps.google.com/meet/ Accessibility features: https://support.google.com/meet/answer/7313544

Learning & activities with NFB – learning from your living room. New activities are posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Live Zoom activities Thursdays at 8:00am PST, and more:
To request more learning resources, email Karen Anderson at: [email protected]

The blind parents connection & education podcast: https://www.nfb.org/resources/publications-and-media/nations-blind-podcast/blind-parents-connection-podcast

Accessible activities, experiments, lessons, art, & free webinars – API: https://www.aph.org/athomewithaph-resources/

Free daily lessons for low vision students – Paths to Literacy:

Accessible support for students & families – for blind/ low vision students needing access to curriculum, fill out request form: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8kUiESiL4PSmwU5

Accessibyte apps – free access to a full range of apps for 45 days: https://www.accessibyte.com/stay-safe

Math Robot app – for iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/math-robot/id704570512

Amazing educational resources for parents & kids: https://www.amazingeducationalresources.com/

Scholastic learn at home: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

Storyline online – free remote learning resources: https://www.storylineonline.net/?fbclid=IwAR2IlL_Qh_Mjxsbch2C6ViIxSFGtwlIMDFHeVCelDaVRO9Xm-oxlrML7Fls

Cincinnati zoo Facebook page – fun animal training videos and live streaming most days at 3:00pm: https://www.facebook.com/cincinnatizoo/live_videos/

Free educational website & app – Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org

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Audible – free audiobooks for kids: www.audible.com/stories

Libby local library – free downloadable eBooks and audiobooks with your library card: https://libbyapp.com/welcome
Or app: https://www.overdrive.com/apps/libby/

Tales2go – Audio books with a free 30 day trial: https://www.tales2go.com/

Book share: https://www.bookshare.org/cms/

National library service BARD: https://nlsbard.loc.gov/login//NLS
Oregon site: https://www.oregon.gov/library/print-disabilities/pages/about-us.aspx

News line NFB – see News section for all details. For kids: there’s an app & magazines like Highlights, National Geographic Kids & more (no pictures, can be used with speech or braille display)

Learning Ally – reading for dyslexia: https://learningally.org/
At home: https://learningally.org/Solutions-for-Home/Overview

Covid-19 book for kids – “In response to the extraordinary spread of Covid-19” to help kids and grownups everywhere: https://akidsbookabout.com/pages/covid-19

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Blind parent resources from NFB: https://www.nfb.org/our-community/blind-parents

How to adjust to being home with kids: https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/03/stuck-working-at-home-with-the-kids-due-to-coronavirus-here-are-some-experts-tips.html

Mindful activities for being home with kids – Mind Up: https://mindup.org.uk/mindup-activities/

Parents who are blind raising blind or low vision children – Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1322245404456277/?ref=br_rs

 National organization of parents of blind children – Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/331066810353777/

Blind parents NFB group – join mailing list here: http://www.nfbnet.org/mailman/listinfo/blparent_nfbnet.org
Request resources by email: mailto:[email protected]

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Electronic payments have started and paper checks started going out May 4th. Checks can take up to 20 weeks to receive.

If you are required to file: you must either have filed for 2018 previously or have filed for 2019 and not exceed the gross income limit to receive the stimulus payment. The filing deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020. To receive it quickly, it is recommended to file online and provide bank deposit information if the IRS does not have it.
For more info: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus-tax-relief-and-economic-impact-payments
Or https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments

If you have not filed due to low-income and you are NOT on social security: if you made less than $12,200 in 2019 and if you also have a qualifying dependent, you just need to fill out this application: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments

If you do not file because you are on social security retirement, disability (SSDI), railroad retirement or survivor benefits: you should automatically receive the $1200 payment and it may arrive at the time of your normal deposit in May. You will not receive a payment for your child. To receive more clarification or to provide the IRS your direct payment information, go here: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/non-filers-enter-payment-info-here

More stimulus information: https://www.nfb.org/resources/covid-19-resources/cares-act-economic-impact-payments

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Resources for blind and visually impaired job seekers – Ibvi Industries: https://ibvi.org/blog/resources-for-blind-visually-impaired-job-seekers/

USA Jobs – Individuals with disabilities page: https://www.usajobs.gov/Help/working-in-government/unique-hiring-paths/individuals-with-disabilities/
Jobs by location: https://www.usajobs.gov/

Seasonal jobs with the IRS – Hiring early summer annually, they provide accessible technology and training. Apply during hiring season by searching “Department of Treasury”, your location, and “Contact Representative *Seasonal*”: https://www.usajobs.gov/

Unemployment with SS & self-employment info – NFB: https://www.nfb.org/resources/covid-19-resources/unemployment-insurance

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Oregon small business resource navigator – for grants to help during Covid-19: https://www.oregon4biz.com/Coronavirus-Information/

Coronavirus relief – USA Small Business Administration:

Small business resources: https://greaterportlandinc.com/covid-business-resources

Free access to Aira support – live sighted support app provides free service for blind/ low vision business owners: https://aira.io/access-business

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Register or update registration for the November election before October 13th: https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/registration.aspx?lang=en

To vote online or find Oregon resources – requirements for your online ballot to be counted: you must print your completed ballot and place it in the official return envelope you receive in the mail, then sign the outside of the envelope on the signature line before mailing or dropping off your ballot: https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/instructions-disabilities.aspx

To request a large print ballot, get more voting help, or to schedule a dual party voter assistance team to mark your ballot: in Multnomah County call 503-988-7021

More accessible voting resources: https://www.nfb.org/programs-services/center-excellence-nonvisual-access/national-center-nonvisual-election-3

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Reporting blindness is important because more resources can be allocated with a more accurate reporting of our numbers. This only happens every 10 years. You should have received a card in the mail with your Census ID printed on it and a questionnaire which can be filled out and mailed. If you are doing the questionnaire online, having your ID will make the process go faster, but it’s not necessary. Be aware there is a 15 minute time limit, it’s best to read through all the instructions before starting. For help with time out and other troubleshooting tips, listen here: https://youtu.be/NeHV_0e8xr8
Fill out the Census online here: www.my2020census.gov  or by phone: 844-330-2020
Large print guide: Your Guide to the 2020 Census (Large Print Guide)
For braille requests call: 800-992-3530

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The CDC recommends taking breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories.

Facts not fear news updates on the Coronavirus in Oregon: https://www.kgw.com/

NFB Newsline – breaking news, emergency weather alerts, newspapers, magazines, kid’s publications & more. Sign up by calling 866-504-7300 or apply online: http://www.nfbnewsline.net/Nl2/NL2NewUserReqInput.jsp
Access the news here: https://www.nfb.org/programs-services/nfb-newsline
For more info: www.nfbnewsline.org

Positive News
Sunny Skyz: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/
Good News Network: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/?fbclid=IwAR2Psq5O7t2eR0Nx6WOnMf2Oy7raeMjRvH1T6NqwswcQOxI15QoERWUgJIg

See more positive resources in Spiritual Support & Encouragement section

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RS Games – social games: http://rsgames.org/rsdownloads/rsgclient/rsgames-client-setup-2.01.exe
Dice World! Games: http://diceworldgame.com/dw/
iAssociate2 Games: http://iassociate2.ticbits.com/
QuentinC’s playroom – social games: https://qcsalon.net/en/

Virtual movie night – with iBUG on Fridays at 5:30pm PST on Zoom.  The movies are the audio track with audio description. The social starts at 5:30pm, the movie starts at 6:00pm with a discussion to follow. See details at: http://www.ibugtoday.com/

Audio only TV & movies – Audiovault: http://audiovault.net/

List of audio described TV & movies – ACB: https://acb.org/adp/masterad.html

Comedy news & entertainment – The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon At Home Edition: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8-Th83bH_thdKZDJCrn88g

Comedy music Covid-19 spoofs: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=covid+19+parody+chris+mann

The office ladies podcast – A lighthearted series with The Office co-stars and best friends as they do the ultimate The Office re-watch: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/office-ladies/id1480311435

Netflix party – Pairs with Chrome on your computer. Stream movies and shows and invite your friends to join your viewing party online: https://www.netflixparty.com/

Lego instructions for the blind – instructions for 30+ sets of commercially available LEGO sets: http://legofortheblind.com/

ACB radio: http://acbradio.org/

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Hadley discussion groups
Writing, gardening, resources, cooking, tech, fitness, travel, crafting, braille, Spanish, etc.: https://hadley.edu/discussions/?utm_source=ESS+Learner+List&utm_campaign=7470658d7d-3-23-2020-discussion-groups&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_01363d0cec-7470658d7d-47945525&mc_cid=7470658d7d&mc_eid=98cd6fa06b

International low vision support group (ILVSG) – monthly meetings by phone, for details: http://www.mdsupport.org/support/telesupport/ or call 888-866-6148

Oregon Commission for the Blind resources

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)You can live the life you want”  National contact: 410-659-9314 or https://www.nfb.org

Portland Central Chapter or NFB meets every 1st Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:00pm, currently meeting on conference call or zoom. Usually meets at the 5th Ave building 1400 SW 5th Ave, 6th floor conference room. Guests are welcome to join. To get Zoom/ call-in details email [email protected]

NFB virtual events – learn about virtual events by sending an email request. Put in subject line “sign up for virtual events” and send to: [email protected]
Find current week events by clicking the following link and listening for “Virtual NFB Events”: https://www.nfb.org/resources/covid-19-resources

American Council of the Blind (ACB)Together for a bright future”  National contact: 1-800-424-8666 or https://www.acb.org/

ACB community conference calls:

PDX Accessible Resource Guide contributors:

Autumn Louise Schaefer, Craig Cooper, Lisa Ferris, Nik Petersson and Sean Carlson, Portland Central Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind; Teresa Christian and Mary Lee Turner, Metro PDX chapter of the American Council of the Blind; Mary Holmes, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes; and Orion Lumiere, Portland Oregon Commission for the Blind.






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