Image of Autumn smiling, she has reddish brown hair and blue eyesABOUT AUTUMN

Certified in Classical Homeopathy, Health Coaching, and Reiki; Autumn Louise offers holistic wellness care in Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about health and loves to teach others how healing works. She supports each client in pursuing their health goals and passion or life purpose. Autumn is uniquely qualified in working with the blind and she has a special interest in Self Care education and coaching.

Autumn has over 16 years of experience providing wellness care and in 2019 she opened her Holistic Health Services practice in Northwest Portland. She is currently accepting new clients for Telehealth appointments online and hopes to reopen her office for in-person appointments in September.

There are two things that have shaped me the most as a person. I was born in the 70’s, and I have overcome many different challenges…

Having had an idealistic and wholesome experience in my early childhood growing up in the 70’s, imagine the simple life: riding bikes and climbing trees with friends, family meals from the garden with lessons of values and integrity… This experience shaped my understanding of wholeness and my passion for finding ways to help others live a more whole and embodied life. Of course today’s world is completely different, but many of the principles and routes to living a more balanced life are the same. The key to this is integration, which I will come back to later.

The second thing that has greatly shaped me in my life is living through and overcoming many different challenges. 

Being a highly sensitive person, in my teens I learned to avoid reactions by choosing natural products and foods, which led me back towards that natural lifestyle from my early years. During my pregnancy at 20 years old, I overcame my fear of childbirth by educating myself and reading powerful stories. Inspired by my own success with a natural water birth, I started a group for other women. Sharing resources about natural pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Thus began my life long study of health and healing.

Around this time I noticed my visual field degenerating, I have been slowly losing my vision since. This, along with being partially deaf since birth, is the result of a genetic condition of which there is no cure, nor available treatment option. This has required me to adapt, starting with not driving, then using a white cane and since then a steady stream of adjusting and adapting. And as my visual world gets smaller, my resolve gets bigger. I have found that there is always another way to accomplish what is needed to be successful.

Some other hardships include being the child of an addict and living through abuse and loss. I know what it’s like to go through traumatic experiences and not be able to count on someone. I’ve learned to recover and thrive through my own healing journey and the integration of boundaries and self-care.

And like many others, I was brought up in a poor education system with no accessibility accommodations nor awareness about learning styles. As an adult I figured out to piece together how I learn, process and integrate information and what accommodations I need to access this information.

By working through and overcoming these challenges, I grew as a person and my life became easier as a result. This experience taught me that life’s challenges are actually opportunities for growth and positive change…

I value everyone.
I have great respect for all walks of life and never discriminate based on age, culture, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or military status.

Challenges are opportunities in disguise.
By striving to see the bigger picture with my own challenges and observing others, I understand that in life we often experience the same themes or challenges until we finally face them and learn to adapt and change ourselves. By re-framing perceived obstacles we can create opportunities to learn and overcome these challenges.

Change takes courage.
The quality of my life is tenfold today because I was willing to look at myself and change. Looking at ourselves is one of the most courageous things we can do, and surprisingly one of the most important. When we acknowledge the truth about where we are right now, we become empowered to make a new choice.

Our brain is like a muscle.
Limiting thoughts and beliefs can hinder us from improving our health. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of our brains we can change this. Similar to building strength in a muscle, we can create new and healthier thoughts and beliefs that build strength and become habitual.

Healing is a process.
Healing is a learning and growing process that is unique to each person. The length of time and the order in which things improve can range depending on many factors. Healing is an integrated experience, our mind, emotions and our body work together. The more we support each part and the more dedication we have to our process, the better our results can be.  I bring experience, understanding and knowledge to support and guide you through your healing process so you can experience lasting recovery.

My challenges became my strengths.
The overcoming of my own challenges has strengthened my skills and enabled me to help others on a deeper level.

I created my own path.
I figured out how I learn and what works for me and built my own path in my education and my work. Following my own natural skills and building on them has enabled me to create a unique and effective area of expertise.

A unique combination of services.
By offering a range of complementary services and addressing a whole person, I am able to provide care and education with deeper insight and understanding and effectively guide your overall health and healing process as needed.

An unprejudiced observer.
This is an imperative skill to being a good homeopath that also empowers healing. Through my discovery of your truth, and most importantly, in your own discovery of your truth, healing can begin.

I am a master integrator.
My heightened awareness and vast experience with adapting enables me to understand your process and effectively support you in troubleshooting your personal challenges so you can move forward.

I have been there and done that.
My experience both in my own healing process, and in guiding others has given me the insight, understanding, compassion and knowledge to support you.

I understand how healing works.
I know the pathway to health and I understand healing principles and how to work with them. I can teach and guide you to experience this for yourself.

I teach and coach to your learning style.
Integration is vital to your success, I take time to understand how you best learn and adapt to your learning style in order to ensure you’re getting information in a way you understand it and in a plan that is achievable for you.

I am passionate and caring.
My passion for health and healing still runs strong after 25 years! I am especially passionate about teaching how healing works and how you can integrate self-care in your life.

Accessibility matters.
I have the unique Insight of being in both the hearing and non-hearing, as well as the sighted and non-sighted worlds. I can teach you how to understand and adapt, to experience more success in your endeavors.

To guide and support your integration of healthy living with dynamic health education and healing tools that can increase your level of health and vitality. So that you can enjoy a more whole, embodied and inspired life!

  • Karen Ferrieeria, CCH, RSHom – classical homeopathic foundation & acute/ first aid training @ Academia Homeopatica (with Hahnemann Clinic), 2001 – 2004
  • Dr. Douglas Falkner, MD – Hahnemannian homeopathy & clinical training @ The Falkner School for Homeopathy, 2002 – 2004
  • Jeremy Sherr, PhD, Ac licentiate – Proving Supervisor @ The Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies, 2004 – 2007
  • Dr. Jacob Mirman, MD –  conventional medicine & pathology @ Homeopathic Medical Clinic, 2007
  • Robert Field, APH, CTHom, CCH, RSHom – anatomy & physiology @ Resonance School of Homeopathy, 2014
  • Dr. Chris Chlebowski, ND, DC – homeopathic clinical supervision @ Ashland Natural Medicine, 2014
  • Dr. Paul Herscu, ND, MPH, DHANP & Dr. Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP – alumni & advanced clinical trainings @ New England School of Homeopathy (Bastyr / NUNM), 2013 – 2019

Homeopathic Service

  • Board member of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians, 2015 – 2019
  • First Aid Booths, homeopathic support & coordination, 2003 – 2004
  • Co-founded the Community Homeopathic Education Project & corresponding article “Safe and Effective Use of Homeopathic Remedies in our Stores,” published in Homeopathy Today, 2006
  • Rachel Romanelli, LMT, RM – Usui lineage Reiki level 1 & 2, 1999
  • Ceremonial Studies & Dance – elements, directions, chakras, mudras, divinity, 1999 – 2003
  • Universal Life Church – credentials of ministry, 2001
  • William Bagley, CHt, RM – sound/ breath/ movement, neurosomatic yoga, & emotional co-processing workshops, 2001 – 2002
  • William Bagley, CHt, RM – Tanran & Usui lineages Reiki Master training & apprenticeship, 2001 – 2003

Reiki Service 

  • Navajo Clinic Mission @ Four Corners, 2002
  • Hospice & ICU Hospital Missions, 2010, 2017
  • Natural Vision Center – nutrition, health, healing & natural vision seminars, 2001 – 2002
  • Natural Vision Center – light-color balancing (syntonics) teacher training & certification, 2002
  • The Heart of Yoga – philosophy trainings, retreats & classes, 2005 – 2015
  • Hidden Springs Wellness Center – nutrition, detox, & lifestyle courses, 2008 – 2014
  • Insight & Mindful Meditation – philosophy trainings, intensives, retreats, classes & practices, 2013 – 2014
  • Tapping Solution – EFT tapping world summit series, 2013 – 2016
  • Pilates Core – workshops & classes, 2016 – 2020
  • Dr. Bill Sears, MD – lifestyle, exercise, attitude & nutrition health coaching & prime time health @ Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, 2018

RP – Reiki Practitioner, 1999

RMReiki Master, 2004

PCH – Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy, 2007

CCHCertified Classical Homeopath, 2016

CHCCertified Health Coach, 2018

“Prior to Autumn’s care I was constantly stressed out. Now, I am happier, more content and confident. I am more present to the moment and I believe in my own ability to succeed.”
~ M.S.

“I left feeling very grounded, calm, and clear. I’d recommend Autumn’s events and professional services to anyone who is curious about self-care and wellness!”
~ A.T.

“Autumn has a positive approach and she presents ideas in a manner that is not overwhelming. I’ve been making small changes that are practical to obtain my goals. Autumn has been a great help and an inspiration!”
~ J.W.

“My experience working with Autumn has been one of the most powerful and satisfying in my health journey. Autumn’s patience and expertise consistently led me to steady progress in both physical and emotional health issues.”
~ J.J.

“A most amazing experience, feeling calm and relaxed. Autumn is such a kind and genuinely caring person, and truly helps. I highly recommend her.”
~ K.K.

“Autumn is extremely conscientious, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping her clients move into places of wholeness and well-being. I recommend Autumn as a practitioner and deeply value her capacity, skill, and expertise.”
~ C.W.

“I appreciated how compassionate and educated Autumn is and how she educated me. It was so helpful, she was with me every step of the way.”
~ A.B.

“It has been an absolutely amazing experience working with Autumn, she is definitely doing the work she is meant to do in her life. Since working with Autumn, my symptoms have improved dramatically. I highly recommend Autumn’s care to anyone who wants to truly heal themselves from the inside out.”
~ A.W.

Autumn Louise Presenting to the NAACP